Testimonials and Awards



Tata Capital (2019)

The seamless transition of our account from Deutsche Bank to Apex was very impressive. Contrary to our expectations from similar integrations, there were no disruptions and the it was business as usual after the transition. Given this is the core business of the Apex group, we expect to have access to a wider range of…

MBG Capital (2019)

Seahedge Philippines Fund has been a client of the Apex/Deutsche Bank team since 2012. We’ve always enjoyed an exceptional level of service from them. Their services are professionally delivered, precise, prompt, and adaptive to our business needs. I’m especially pleased with the highly skilled individuals who service our account. They are very accommodating, responsive and…

KKR (2019)

As we were one of the first clients to be transitioned to The Apex Group, we were slightly nervous as to how the transition process would go and what would meet us on the other side. Having fully transitioned we can safely say that the whole process went very smoothly with minimal impact on our…

Arbiter (2019)

The transition to Apex was programming the new Apex phone number into my phone. Other than that there was no changes to my team or service, and Apex management provides my team with the attention it needs. LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Email

Neumann Capital Management (2019)

The Apex team is always on hand when we need it. Whenever we have questions, they will give us feedback as soon as they can. The transition has been smooth with no impact on us and we can just work as normal. The systems are an upgrade and actually much better than before. We are…