Alpha Portal

Facilitating the flow of investments between allocators and funds
Alpha Portal

Alpha Portal is Apex’s bespoke listings database containing key performance information for hundreds of liquid funds.

The extensive network of contacts included in the Apex Alpha Portal alleviates the pressure of a time consuming fund raising process freeing up time to allow managers to concentrate on performance. From an investor perspective, Alpha Portal provides them with a platform for accessing suitable managers globally with a profile and strategy in line with their investment interests.

  • FREE ACCESS – for qualified professional investors
  • Accessed by investors all around the world
  • Funds covered: every style, strategy and geographical focus
  • Niche strategies uncorrelated from traditional markets
  • Investors can create watch lists which update dynamically
  • Due diligence performed on all funds listed
  • Automated data uploads provide accurate and prompt analysis
  • Tailored reporting for investors & statistical analysis for each fund
  • Funds range from $3M – $500M in AUM

What does Apex Alpha Portal provide?
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