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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics are the three central themes for measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment or business. These criteria help to better determine the future financial performance of companies.

Pressure from investors and employees alike means that ESG factors have become critical metrics for success. Regulatory change alongside demand to reduce risk and to produce superior returns, has driven ESG in to the mainstream.

Apex ESG Ratings was established to satisfy the increasing need for a high quality, global independent service to fulfil private sector ESG needs through scoring and rating companies based on quality ESG data, intelligence and insights. Apex ESG aims to influence significant behavioral change in order to drive capital flow towards ESG centric companies.

  • Outperformance – Purpose is the path to profit. Responsible business management and mitigating risk leads to a long term competitive advantage.
  • Climate change – Climate change is accelerating, we need fast, innovative solutions to halt the damage.
  • Shift to purpose – Employees now increasingly want to work for a company that can prove they are purpose driven with excellent governance. Recruitment, retention and motivation are key.
  • Sustainability – Creating a respectful, inclusive social community both inside and outside the workplace is central to success.
  • Regulatory & Fiduciary – National and Supranational Governments and Unions are regulating across the ESG universe, be proactive!
  • Independent: We offer the first independent global ESG solution unique to the private market.
  • We care: We listen to you, engage and assess thoroughly. This is a partnership. We are with you every step of the way.
  • Worldwide: We give context and scale, with the perfect balance of a global client base, served by local teams.
  • Private sector specialists: The sector has unique ESG advisory needs, which as experts, we understand.
  • Driving best practice: Highest quality research methodologies that are constantly updated and reviewed by our leading ESG experts.

“To be a world class ESG Ratings and Advisory Agency which influences significant behavioral change in order to drive capital flow towards ESG centric companies.”


“To positively impact business today for a sustainable tomorrow.”

Apex ESG Ratings
Apex ESG Ratings
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