Capital Markets

Your trusted partner for administration and servicing of capital markets transactions around the globe
Capital Markets

Apex Group is a leading provider of services to capital markets transactions; from SPV administration to a comprehensive suite of Agency and Trust related services.

Our unique value proposition includes support of both the syndicated loan and corporate bond markets with access to global custody services and solutions across more than 100 markets, together with access to our own bank; The European Depositary Bank. This unique business model and structure guarantees the quick, efficient and smooth on-boarding and KYC review.

We are one of the largest independent providers of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) management (with a specific focus on aircraft finance), agency and trust services for capital markets transactions worldwide and have a unique value proposition as part of the Apex Group; the 4th largest fund administrator globally.

What sets us apart?

Apex Group has an impressive pedigree and background. Our Capital Markets business has grown, through acquisition of the Link CPC business which provides a unique proposition and status in the Capital Markets. The consolidation and integration of these businesses combined with our ability to offer global custody services and access to our own bank sets us apart from our peers. We can offer access to a single point of contact, who speaks your language and is able to provide timely, local support to your transactions.