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We only have one agenda – providing you with the best service in the market.

We are lucky to be able to deliver the powerful solutions traditionally associated with banks, while maintaining our agility as an independent provider free from institutional influences.

As with all of our services, our custody and depositary solutions are tailored for each asset class; hedge funds, private equity funds, hybrid funds, fund of funds, family office and managed accounts.

Leverage our custody solutions to avoid time-consuming consolidation. We can hold your assets in one place whereby you benefit from a single point of contact for all services across the full value chain of your fund. The solution looks to benefit from the advantages of a Luxembourg safekeeping location. Carefully selected as a result of being the most flexible, progressive, yet stable financial centre with a dynamic approach to developing new products and services.

Our custody solutions mean that you can maintain a complete overview of your assets, combined with a risk based decision-making process, to remain in control at all times. Our powerful global infrastructure and team of highly trained experts are set up to help you to meet both your existing demands and future obligations, including obligations under AIFMD and UCITS V.

As in all areas of our business, best in class technologies plus a number of interfaces and processes relevant to your fund structure.

Custody services include

  • Safekeeping
  • Transaction processing and settlements
  • Account opening
  • Income collection
  • Tax services
  • Proxy services
  • Real-time reporting (via Apex247)
  • Cash Management



Remove the necessity for multiple providers and work with a single point of contact across all aspects and operational demands for your fund.

The global Apex Group holds 16 regulatory licences across 13 jurisdictions, which makes us experts in delivering regulatory and compliance solutions on a local, global and cross-jurisdictional basis.

Our skilled teams deliver a full AIFMD depositary solution to run seamlessly alongside your fund administration requirements, cutting out any need for matching multiple provider procedures and ensuring a joined up approach and full understanding of your fund.

Services Include

  • Safekeeping and verification of documentation and assets
  • Oversight
  • Trustee / fund safe custody services
  • Maintenance of comprehensive asset registers
  • Operational oversight; timely settlement and ensuring compliance with fund documents and applicable laws and regulations
  • Cash monitoring and document tracking
  • AIFMD reporting and liquidity monitoring
  • UCITS reporting and liquidity monitoring
  • MIFID services


AIFMD cannot be ignored… if you want to market funds into Europe Apex can provide the solution.

We believe in delivering a transparent service. Apex’s Depo-lite solution and platform allows you to run an AIF and capitalise on the benefits of AIFMD, without the need to qualify as a full AIFM.

With 10 European offices, Apex is uniquely placed to assist with the following requirements:

  • Fund Structuring
  • Depo-Lite Services
  • Regulation
  • Valuation Services
  • Compliance

Depo-lite services should not be complex – we aim to maintain clear and transparent fees and services at all times.

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