Hybrid Funds

We recognise Hybrid fund structures as an asset class of their own.
hybrid funds

The ongoing convergence of traditional investment structures continues. A highly competitive investor landscape has driven hedge funds and fund of funds to increase their exposure to illiquid assets, while traditional private equity firms are expanding their investment strategies to include streams for distressed debt or fixed income assets within a waterfall mechanism. This convergence acts to augment fund offerings and deliver flexibility to investors. Ultimately, diversifying the portfolios acts as a differentiator.

The result? Hybrid fund structures.

Complex fee, payment and returns calculations teamed with investments across multiple asset classes mean each hybrid fund has a unique set of characteristics. Attempting to put these funds into either the hedge or private equity category would be doing them a disservice.

Hybrid funds require a tailored solution and a flexibility of service that allows for differing structures and investment behaviours. This is where Apex excels.

We have combined technology and expertise within a dedicated hybrid team that specialises in the portfolio and fund-level nuances of hybrid strategies. For over 15 years, Apex has partnered with a wide variety of such managers in multiple jurisdictions –simplifying their complex requirements for seamless end-to-end service delivery..

The service we deliver will not be dictated by technology and platform partnerships. We work with Geneva, Paxus, eFront, Mantra, Calypso, Investran and more. The possibilities, choices and agility required to deliver exemplary hybrid fund services are already built into the Apex DNA.

A snapshot of our hybrid fund services