Portfolio Accounting & Valuation Services

Administration and assurance for your fund’s vision

Apex was originally founded in 2003 as a Fund Accounting solutions provider. Accounting services remain at the heart of the business and are the core responsibility for Apex’s Fund Accounting teams around the world.

Our fund accounting teams service the full range of investment fund structures (from vanilla strategies to highly sophisticated and complex investments) in an environment of ever-increasing global regulatory constraints.

Apex’s fully integrated global fund accounting system and high-speed, real-time processing enables the delivery of accurate financial information, multi currency transaction processing and flexible valuation periods.

Portfolio Accounting Services include:

  • Calculating daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly net asset values
  • Independent valuation of portfolio ensuring accuracy and accountability
  • Automatic calculation across all performance or fund structures
  • Provision of Investment Managers’ reports including portfolio analysis and corporate governance
  • Independent reconciliation and verification of portfolio to prime broker/custodian
  • Maintenance of share register and all anti-money laundering information on investors
  • Maintenance of books and records of the fund in accordance with the funds governing documents
  • Monitoring and recording all corporate actions relating to the portfolio
  • Reconciliation and record of all income and expense accruals attributable to the fund

Fund Valuation Services include:

  • Daily reconciliation of cash balances and positions with prime broker
  • Automated upload of daily trading activity from the investment managers trading system or prime broker
  • Independent pricing and fund valuation
  • Processing of corporate actions and dividends
  • Expense accrual management
  • NAV production and distribution – monthly or estimated daily and/or estimated weekly basis
  • Series accounting and equalization support.
  • Cash management and reconciliation
  • Calculation and timely payment of all management and performance fees in accordance with the key agreements.
  • Preparation of interim and annual financial statements, including co-ordination of the annual audit.
  • Web access for investment managers to obtain daily return information and other performance indicators

Apex has successfully completed an independent SAS 70 Type II audit of its back office and fund accounting services across its global network.

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