Fund of Funds


Apex specialises in administering Fund of Fund structures and provides comprehensive support in both fund set up and also in delivering tailored reporting for this type of structure.

Our internal teams are skilled in maintaining the books and records for Fund of Fund structures and will ensure the service provided will meet all your requirements.

Services include:

  • Performing all Anti Money Laundering (AML) procedures on new investors entering the fund
  • Calculating the Net Asset Value (NAV) at the relevant valuation point
  • Providing all necessary reporting to both the Investment Manager and shareholders
  • Preparing the annual financial statements
  • Delivering Adhoc reporting as required by the fund manager
  • Offering Liquidity reports
  • Providing Fund of fund price comparison reports
  • Providing Fund of fund redemption terms report generated at any time at the request of the fund manager
  • Online fund information portal (see Apex247 for more information)

All the services listed above have been specifically developed for Fund of Funds to help assist in the decision making process for each unique fund.