Apex FX Services Powered by Velocity Trade

Simple FX services saving you time and money
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In order to deliver a full suite of services and add value to our clients, Apex has partnered with Velocity Trade to deliver foreign exchange services to its global client base. Velocity Trade is a leading provider of foreign exchange services in the global market, with two global banks as shareholders and board directors.

At Apex we realise the efficiencies that can be gained and money saved for our clients by working with Velocity for FX trades.

You can save up to 50% on your current rates, even on smaller FX or Equity trades.

Services include:

  • Quick and efficient account opening from a global provider
  • Benefit from leveraging Apex’s strong relationship with Velocity for market leading rates
  • Trading capabilities available for same day, spot, forwards and options
  • Access live quotes on all major currency pairs
  • Gain access to the live trading platform which streams executable live prices on spot and forwards out to a year
  • 24/7 Live Dealing Desk support
  • A back office system which integrates with your treasury department for full reporting

As with all Apex services, Apex FX Services powered by Velocity Trade are delivered personally, by experts around the globe.

For more information contact: FXservices@apex.bm