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Throgmorton – COVID-19: Lockdown and What Next

Q. Are many employers taking advantage of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme? A. The majority of our clients are enabled by technology and their employees can work remotely whilst self-isolating. For some of our clients the volatility brings opportunity, and employees have been exceptionally busy. For others, economic conditions are more challenging, and a number…

EU Flags

Raising Capital from Offshore Investors

For US managers looking to market a fund into the EU, they must first understand and explore the regimes currently in force – AIFMD, UCITS and PRIIPS and consider the benefits, costs and structuring requirements to select the approach best suited to their strategy. Download this Whitepaper to explore the current state of the European…

Will Private Equity Open up for Main Street Investors?

Increasing the participation of retail investors in the private equity asset class was  a  hot  topic  as  we  entered  2020. Coronavirus  may  have  disrupted  the momentum, but there are longer-term questions to be asked about retail investors’ access to private markets.

Capital Markets

Capital Markets’ Restructuring in 2020

As institutions continue to seek ways in which to battle the combined pressures of increasing competition plus P&L and shareholder expectations, the new macro-economic impacts of coronavirus (“COVID-19”) mean that the number of restructures across the capital markets  is rapidly increasing.