Understanding PE's impact on the economy

Understanding PE’s impact on the economy

The Channel Islands’ stability and depth of expertise continues to see them placed at the forefront of the private equity funds industry. However, there are few industries that evoke the sort of strong feelings that characterize perceptions about private equity. Fortunately, a significant body of academic research helps demystify the industry and provides an objective voice in the debate.

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Dissecting ESG: Ethics and Profitability

There are a wide spectrum of ethically focused investment strategies around, various ways of referring to them and a lot of acronyms… Divesting, ESG, Negative Screening, Shareholder Activism, Shareholder Engagement, Positive Investing, Impact Investing, SRI, Ethical Investing, Faith based Investing, Norms-based Investing, Values-based Investing, Thematic investing, Philanthropic investing…the list goes on. Environmental, Social and Governance…

Fundraising trends in a strong and polarised market

Fundraising trends in a strong and polarised market

The year 2017 has been another record year for fund raising, with global fundraising levels exceeding those preceding the global financial crisis. This trend has been strongly contributed to by a number of mega funds which are getting larger fund by fund and are often oversubscribed. In the mid-market, however, there have been a few notable failures of fund managers to gain momentum in their fund raisings, even where their track records have been reasonably strong.



GDPR. The regulation making waves across all industries is going to have a particular impact on the asset management space. Fund managers and service providers alike must fully understand what is required from them with regards to data management. Download our GDPR Fundamentals Brochure for a guide to GDPR in the asset management space.

Big Data


The consumption of data has never before been greater, in the next hour alone we will generate 8.5 billion emails, over 43 thousand new websites, and 144 million Google searches. What does this mean to the asset management industry?