HFM Asia Leaders Virtual Summit_

Register: Asia Leader Virtual Summit

Join our Virtual Community at HFM Asia Leaders’ Summit on 27 May. Ashmita Chhabra, Managing Director, Business Development will be taking part in a panel to discuss; Regulatory update: Assessing new vehicles and legislation..

Apex at Events

Download: Distressed Debt Webinar

DD TALKS is hosting a series of webinars as an additional resource for the Distressed Debt Investment community. Each webinar is joined by experts and practitioners who will share their insights on the pandemic’s impact on the NPL market.

New Cayman Regulatory Framework Approaches

New Cayman Regulatory Framework Webinar

Although the world is experiencing change at an unprecedented rate, businesses must forge on. A new wave of regulation, set to have major ramifications for private closed-end funds and hedge funds with 15 clients or fewer, is on the horizon and approaching at pace.

HFM Webinar Business Continuity - Linkedin - Apex

HFM BCP webinar

In response to the effects the Coronavirus crisis is having on the industry, Apex Group is taking part in a webinar discussion on Business Continuity Planning hosted by HFM.