Apex - ESG and Impact Investing

Super Return Asia

The three day event covers three specialised summits allowing attendees to move between them freely. The Venture Capital Summit covers early and later stage investments across key tech hubs in Asia-Pacific and beyond.

Conference Notes


This one-day event will provide participants with an educationally focused agenda and will feature leading practitioners from the fields of private equity, venture capital, real estate, hedge funds, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and other sectors of the alternative investment market.

Conference in progress

Growth Capital Forum 2019

The event is the first of an annual series of events focusing on the sector of private capital. The Forum will examine growth capital and venture capital from the viewpoints of institutional investors, private equity and venture capital fund agers, family offices, smaller investment firms and high net-worth individual investors.

Apex Funds UK

CFO/COO Private Debt

Join Apex at the CFO/COO Private Debt conference in London. LPGP Connect has designed and produced this event to explore the complex roles of CFOs and COOs in managing private debt funds.

Conference in progress

HFM BDC Summit

The BDC COO Summit gives the exclusive opportunity for senior operational managers at the biggest hedge funds in the US to hear from relevant speakers,


ALTS Chicago

Following in the footsteps of the highly successful ALTSLA conference, the West’s premier alternative investment conference moves east to one the nation’s most dynamic cities, Chicago!


Invest Europe CFO COO Forum

Invest Europe’s CFO Forum brings together CFOs, COOs and senior finance and fund operations executives to discuss their rapidly evolving roles amid ongoing regulatory and economic developments.