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Rhys Maber, Business Development Director - Switzerland

Rhys Maber

Business Development Director - Switzerland

Tel: +41 22 736 3352

Amara Goeree, Global Head of ESG Product

Amara Goeree

Global Head of ESG Product
James Burke, Managing Director, Europe

James Burke

Managing Director - Apex Europe
Richard Dinn, Global Head of Custody & Depositary Sales

Richard Dinn

Global Head of Custody & Depositary Sales
Aman Bahel, Head of Sales Europe

Aman Bahel

Head of Sales Europe

Matt Claxton

Global head of Corporate Solutions

Our team in Switzerland are an experienced provider of corporate and financial outsourcing services to a wide range of institutional, corporate, financial and fund clients Our specialist team can provide a flexible service including:

  • Provision of directors
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Escrow
  • VAT recovery
  • Cash and treasury management support

Florian Linner acts as our representative in Zurich and can be contacted for any queries relating to Apex services.

The funds industry in the Zurich represents a significant opportunity for Apex to continue to provide quality solutions to its clients. Funds in the Switzerland enjoy speedy registration procedures, low establishment costs, and minimal corporate or trust incorporation fees.

Whether a fund is domiciled locally or offshore, our flexibility and ability to tailor our services ensure we are an invaluable resource and support for our clients. Through the global Apex brand, we deliver confidence, transparency and security to investment managers and to investors in both Switzerland, and across the rest of the world.

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