Switzerland, Zurich

Apex Corporate Services (Switzerland) GmbH
Badenerstrasse 15
Zurich 8004

Local Time:
(+2 GMT)
Damjan Cosic

Damjan Cosic

Head of Corporate Solutions - Switzerland
Rhys Maber, Business Development Director - Switzerland

Rhys Maber

Business Development Director - Switzerland

Tel: +41 22 736 3352


Matt Claxton

Global Head of Corporate Solutions
James Burke, Managing Director, Europe

James Burke

Managing Director - Apex Europe


Corporate services and private client solutions in Switzerland are provided by Apex Corporate Services (Schweiz) GmbH, which is regulated by PolyReg Allg. Selbstregulierungs-Verein in accordance with anti-money laundering regulatory requirements. Registered office: Badenerstrasse 15, 8004 Zurich.  Registered in Switzerland No. CHE-102.075.802

This website references all services available across the Apex Group, however local subsidiaries and legal entities are subject to different regulatory requirements and therefore not all of the services mentioned on this website are available in all jurisdictions. Each subsidiary is organised under the laws of the territory in which it operates. In Switzerland only corporate services are offered. No banking or other regulated services are offered from within Switzerland.

Please visit our regulatory status page for more information:  https://theapexgroup.com/regulatory-status/