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Apex Fund Services (UK) Ltd.
6th Floor
140 London Wall
London, EC2Y 5DN
Tel: +44 (0)203 697 5353


Apex Corporate Services (UK) Ltd and Throgmorton UK Ltd
6th Floor
125 Wood Street
London, EC2V 7AN
Tel: +44 (0) 203 994 7200

Local Time:
Niall Pritchard, Managing Director, UK

Niall Pritchard

Managing Director - UK
Aman Bahel, Head of Sales Europe

Aman Bahel

Head of Sales Europe
James Burke, Managing Director, Europe

James Burke

Managing Director - Apex Europe
David Rhydderch,President – Apex Group

David Rhydderch

Global Head of Financial Solutions

Matt Claxton

Global Head of Corporate Solutions
Nitin Khanapurkar, Global Head of Governance

Nitin Khanapurkar

Global Head of Governance
Rosie Guest, Global Marketing Director

Rosie Guest

Global Marketing Director
Vikita Patel, Global Head of HR

Vikita Patel

Global Head of HR
Cornelia Wallner, Head of Capital Markets Sales

Cornelia Wallner

Global Head of Capital Markets Sales
Kartik Shah, European Head of Private Equity

Kartik Shah

European Head of Private Equity
Nigel Strachan, Head of Private Equity Sales – Europe

Nigel Strachan

Head of Private Equity Sales Europe
Andrew Macklin, General Council

Andrew Macklin

General Counsel
Anthony Lee

Anthony Lee

Head of Listed Funds, UK

Apex Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries (jointly and together referred to as the “Apex Group”) provide financial services to clients across multiple jurisdictions. This website represents the Apex Group’s collective global coverage and service offerings and the provision of services by specific entities within the Group may be limited by local regulatory and legal requirements. As such, not every entity or jurisdiction will be authorised to deliver certain services mentioned on the site. For clarification on the services provided locally please contact us on apexmarketing@apex.bm