Consulting Services

A personalised service to meet your exact requirements.
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Middle Office operations can be complex and are unique for each asset manager. Our Consulting Services are designed to provider a highly tailored solution specific to you.

We make sure your requirements are fully understood. Greater efficiencies can be achieved through an in-depth consultative approach to middle office solutions.

Understanding your workflow - questions we ask:

  • How are you doing what you are doing?
  • What technology are you using?
  • What is the breadth of instrument?
  • What is the scope and frequency of trading?
  • Where is resource allocated?

Clarifications not assumptions.

We review our understanding with you. This is an important step to ensure that each aspect has been captured and a full and complete understanding of the methodology, processes, associated costs and objectives of the fund are established.

Thorough Analysis:

  • A COST/BENEFIT/EFFICIENCY analysis is conducted based on the current operations and Calypso capabilities.
  • Potential service model solutions are identified to be consistent with current objectives for Back and Middle Office processes.
  • Throughout every step, we consider your reporting needs.
  • The full analysis is presented to you for further review and comment. You decide. We help implement.


Get what you really need, efficiently. Save on building infrastructure and implementing various software platforms. Leverage our knowledge and support wrapped around exemplary technology systems;  We offers one of the widest range of technology options in the market to help you build a best in breed, tailored infrastructure that suits your fund’s specific needs.


In order to scale your business will there be a proliferation of securities traded, an increased number of counterparties and service providers, additional investor requests and more regulatory reporting? Does your current technology have the flexibility to cope with these demands?


Rather than outsourcing, there is now a middle-ground in co-sourcing.


As funds move through their growth cycle they tend to need more institutional accounting solutions.

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