Treasury and Collateral Management

A Pioneering new approach
Treasury and Collateral Management Image

Apex is pioneering a new approach to Treasury and Collateral Management. We firmly believe that to offer the highest standard possible to our clients we need to be able to provide a tailored approach focusing on areas that truly add value. There has been an increasing need to create further efficiencies in the usage of cash and collateral. Fund managers need the ability to look across their full range of prime brokerage accounts and understand how best to optimise their positions and cash. Apex’s ability to deliver a comprehensive range of services and data around this core aspect of your business helps expedite and refine your decision-making ability and ultimately lead to an enhanced focus on these middle office functions.

Our range of services include:

  • Cash availability reporting
  • Real time views on cash / Liquidity ladders / short fall management
  • Funding requirements
  • Behavioural / stress tests stress tests
  • Hedge requirements
  • Independent variation margin calculation
  • Dispute management
  • SWIFT and wire payments

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