Annex IV Reporting Services

A low cost reporting tool
Summary Report

As part of the reporting obligations under AIFMD, all European registered alternative asset managers marketing into the EU or EEA are now required to report to their particular jurisdiction under AIFMD.

Non-EU alternative fund asset managers are also required to file in all jurisdictions into which they market.

There are two Annex IV report categories:

  • AIFM report: A consolidated view of assets managed
  • AIF report: Required for each fund detailing assets held, exposures, investor profiles etc.

The Apex Solution:

An easy to manage end-to-end filing process affording AIFM’s a local dedicated Apex account manager, alongside the backing of a global firm experienced with multiple jurisdictional and regulatory requirements. Apex Annex IV Reporting is a technology enabled service that utilises Unity NXT™ AIFMD Transparency Reporting from Confluence as its platform to ensure accuracy, consistency, timeliness and control.

Services include:

  • AUM & Leverage Calculation
  • ESMA classification mapping
  • Automated data importing, calculations, recording, transform, and control
  • Validation and population and submission
  • Flexibility to meet the technical filing requirements of multiple jurisdictions
  • Local support in your jurisdiction
  • Automated audit trail

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How often is this reporting required?

Report filing is required on an annual, half yearly or quarterly basis; the frequency and detail of the report is dependent on various changeable factors such as types of investment, AuM, degree of leverage and asset types. It is essential that accurate information is received by the relevant jurisdictional regulatory body in a timely manner.

What am I expected to know?

Each individual AIFM is expected to know the following: How the reporting requirements apply to them – What transparency information is required in the reports – Reporting deadlines – Procedures for reporting transparency to relevant regulator.

What are the submission requirements?

30 days for completion – 41 detailed questions -Multiple variations of both the AIFM and AIF reports – Filing to multiple jurisdictions in various file formats.