Voluntary Liquidation of Cayman Islands investment vehicles 2019

Delivering an effective solution for voluntary liquidation of a fund.
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Historically, the timing for the commencement of the voluntary winding up of a Cayman Islands investment vehicle has often been driven by the desire to avoid incurring the following year’s annual fees for administration, regulatory, independent directors, and the various service providers servicing the vehicle.  In order to avoid these fees, the liquidations would often commence later in the year, with the final meeting being held before the 31st of January of the following year.  This timetable will typically result in an effective dissolution date in the following calendar year, while still avoiding the government fees for that year.  Given the ever increasing regulatory costs and filing requirements, it is advisable to commence the voluntary winding up of Cayman Islands investment vehicles as early as possible.  There are now increased operational efficiencies in completing the voluntary winding up within the current calendar year.  If you wish to terminate a Cayman entity, now is the time to do so in order avoid 2020 annual fees.

It is prudent to appoint a voluntary liquidator who is experienced in Cayman Law, knowledgeable of Cayman liquidation procedures, filing deadlines, etc., and who can ensure the proper winding up of a Cayman Islands investment vehicle in order to fulfil the continued obligations in accordance with the Law.  Apex Cayman employs experienced liquidators who have acted as voluntary liquidator in over 600 terminations of Cayman entities.

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