Executive Committee

Peter Hughes, Founder and CEO

“I founded Apex with a very clear objective – to work locally alongside clients to provide a fast, effective and locally tailored service. Strong client relationships have been, and always will be, at the heart of the Apex philosophy. The commitment to staying true to this goal has played a huge part in our ability to expand Apex’s services across the world. Our global network of offices are focused on delivering services locally, with good ethics, to both our clients and staff.”

Peter Hughes, Founder and CEO

David Carrick, Group CFO

“I have been in the financial services industry for over 25+ years and the opportunity at Apex is both a unique challenge and fantastic opportunity. The global Group is on a robust upward growth trajectory and while we navigate the related challenges around acquisitions, integrations and organic growth our key focus remains firmly on ensuring none of these impact our clients. There is still amazing potential for expansion as Apex gets ever closer to its goal of becoming the largest independent fund administrator in the world.”

David Carrick, Group CFO

Chris Mulhern, Head of Operational Strategy

“Operations have never been more imperative than they are today in the asset management world. With regulators around the world increasingly issuing new directives and compliance requirements, as a fund service provider we need to be ahead of the market to stay competitive and deliver value to our clients. Providing outstanding and robust operational services to clients is vital to our success and ability to maintain a competitive advantage, this is why our own in-house infrastructure also needs to rise to that challenge and is something we focus on at all times to evolve, evaluate and expand.”

Chris Mulhern, Group COO

David Rhydderch,Global Head of Regulated Product

“Apex has blended organic and acquisition growth strategies to create a unique service offering with an exceptional breadth of product, maintaining an unfailing focus on client service. The asset management community has seen many changes and challenges over the past ten years and as a result service providers that can manage complexity and deliver globally integrated solutions efficiently, are highly valuable.  The Apex Group can provide the broadest range of services from banking, corporate services, middle office and fund administration whilst maintaining its independence as a provider; the power of this offering cannot be underestimated and is central to Apex’s continued growth and success.”

David Rhydderch, Global Head of Financial Solutions

Srikumar T. E., Global Head of Fund Administration

“Apex offers a unique solution; delivering highly customised fund administration solutions on a global scale, whilst ensuring a strong culture of compliance and risk is delivered locally. This structure has been instrumental in establishing Apex as a leading independent administrator in every major financial jurisdiction. Our teams comprise of highly skilled hedge fund and private equity fund administration professionals who utilise leading software solutions to deliver tailor-made service to clients in the rapidly evolving local and global regulatory environment.”

Srikumar T. E., Global Head of Fund Solutions

Andrew Macklin, General Council

“Over the past few years Apex has totally transformed as a business. Having established itself as a global provider in the asset management space, the organisation has now evolved into an institutional sized global financial services provider. Our focus from a legal and governance perspective is on reinforcing and enhancing the robust controls and procedures required across the group on a global basis. As Apex evolves, we place great importance on enabling an agile approach to service delivery while simultaneously implementing a vigorous control framework that supports both the business infrastructure and our clients as we continue to expand.”

Andrew Macklin, General Counsel

Matt Claxton

“Apex has developed a truly unique offering for clients. With three core capabilities of fund solutions, financial solutions and corporate & private client solutions, we deliver an unparalleled range of services that help our clients be successful at all stages of their evolution.

Our expertise in corporate services and private clients perfectly complement the traditional strengths of Apex Group. We understand that in an increasingly complex and fast-moving world clients value the ability to be supported by a single partner who truly understands their needs. Although we are a global financial services provider, we pride ourselves on delivering a personal service to every type of client.”

Matt Claxton, Global Head of Corporate Solutions

Renaud Oury, Chief Data Officer

“As Apex continues to evolve it is vital that we leverage technology and data to stay innovative, agile and forward thinking to support the Group’s future growth plans. My focus is developing and managing a comprehensive analytics strategy for the Group. By concentrating on translating data into knowledge we can increase the performance of the business and enhance service quality for our clients.”

Renaud Oury, Chief Data Officer