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Apex has a representative in the region who can be contacted for any queries relating to our services globally. See below for more details.

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Michael Boboshko

Director of Business Development

Tel: +7 903 723 5865

Russia remains one of the largest emerging markets with a continuous ebb and flow of private equity and hedge fund strategy funds.

While large fund start-ups remain few and far between, there has been a very significant level of interest from smaller start-ups, driving demand for the Emerging Manager Platforms; there has also been significant interest of late on the part of local teams to launch VC funds of various sizes. The potential size of the Russian business opportunity for Apex remains very significant.

Michael Boboshko, Director of Business Development, Russia acts as our representative in the region and can be contacted for any queries relating to our services globally. Michael  has been located in Russia for over twenty years and is fluent in Russian. His substantive experience with investment funds helps in the provision of customer service to a largely Russian-speaking local client base.

Whether a fund is domiciled locally or offshore, our flexibility and ability to tailor our services ensure we are an invaluable resource and support for our clients. Through the global Apex brand, we deliver confidence, transparency and security to investment managers and to investors in both in Russia, and across the rest of the world.

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